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Summer (Floricane) Fruiting Varieties:

Early Season Varieties:

Gives tasty, medium to large dark red fruit. Once was the most planted variety in the world – now is still the main variety for processed fruit.
Vigorous, strong variety with long fruiting laterals. Sweet and delicious, traditional raspberry flavour. Medium to large , dark but firm berries. Transports very well. Can be used for both fresh and processing market.
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Large to very large fruits, size comparable with that of Tulameen. High fruit firmness, easily transportable with a good shelf life. Fruits have an attractive light red colour, which does not darken after picking. The berries release easily from the receptacle thus allowing efficient picking.
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Mid Season Varieties:

Standard variety for the fresh market throughout the world. It has a large fruit with an excellent flavour and shelf life. Bears high yields.
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Remontant (Autumn, Primocane) Fruiting Varieties:

Autumn Bliss
Early season, 2-3 weeks before Heritage. Large, medium sized, slightly dark firm berries. Good fruit quality at the beginning of the season, which deteriorates towards the end of the harvest season. Regarded as resistant to Phytphthora cinnamomi.
Early season, about 3 weeks before Heritage. Very high productive, large berries, glossy and with good cohesion and good flavour. Ideal for filling gaps between Summer and Autumn raspberries.
Late season, very high productive variety. Sweet, juicy and firm bright red fruit. Still one of the best Autumn fruiting varieties.
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Large, medium-firm to firm, shiny, attractive glowing red, fruit size hardly diminishing until the end of the harvest season. The berries are easily plugged so can be picked very efficiently.
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